Founded in 2018 in the RICE IDEATION WEEK, an event organized by Fábrica de Startups and RICE University, MindSIM is a technology company focoused on INDUSTRY 4.0 whose purpose is to enhance creativity

by creating AI products that are CUSTOMIZED FOR EACH CLIENT, enabling them to:

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Data analysis in the industrial environment is a tiredsome and repetitive task that can, however, lead to savings or opportunity costs coming from equipment downtime, sub-optimal productivity and disentangling bottlenecks


...there was a system that could use data to automatically execute these analysis, predicting, therefore, problems and identifyng bottlenecks of the production


Our data analysis softwares were developed to make the operations of the user SMART by helping him to answer the following questions about a process bottleneck:


What is happening


Why is it happening?


What will happen?


What should be done?